Crowdsourcing is one of the most innovative ways to build business processes associated with using information technology to attract people to accomplish various business tasks.

In fact, crowdsourcing is an economic model based on the minimization of personnel costs through attraction of ordinary people in order to collect important but publicly available information.

This method of data collection is used while making field research for retail and FMCG companies, financial institutions and enterprises from various sectors of the economy.

Managed crowdsourcing

The service of managed crowdsourcing is the result of three years of experiments in the field of project implementation; it combines the best features of the high-tech search and the targeted personnel management.

This type of personnel crowdsourcing is carried out by using multi-level selection of agents and moderators through conducting interviews and passing qualification tests.

Thereat, the distribution of tasks is automated and is very close to the standard model of crowdsourcing, but the attachment of a task to an agent requires confirmation from the manager.

The tasks are allocated by large blocks, rather than individual task as in the original crowdsourcing.

The performer undertakes various the tasks assigned to him, which never happens in case of classic implementation of projects using the tool of crowdsourcing.

The managed crowdsourcing allows to ensure the coverage and deadlines of the projects thanks to the selection and training of field staff.

Here, the number of management levels of such crowdsourcing is minimized and does not depend on the scale and/or type of the project.

The control functions are highly automated, however the overall supervision is provided by qualified specialists.

In the framework of managed crowdsourcing, the use of subcontractors is completely eliminated, we work directly with field agents and moderators.

The managed crowdsourcing is suitable for projects of any complexity and urgency.

Despite the fact that the cost of this type of crowdsourcing is higher than that of pure crowdsourcing, the personnel costs are significantly lower comparing to the targeted recruitment and point control of people without automation and with multi-level management and/or use of subcontractors.

Pure crowdsourcing

Within the framework of pure crowdsourcing, the division of tasks and moderation are carried out in fully automatic mode.

This kind of crowdsourcing is suitable for simple scenarios of data collection without stringent requirements for geography.

Pure crowdsourcing is distinguished by low costs, high quality of data, but has lowered standards for coverage.

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