1 000 000
Сollected, verified, processed and provided to our clients every month
Processing mode
Provided by coordinators and moderators in all time zones of Russia
100 000
Field agents and data moderators
Have registered at millionagents.com by the beginning of 2016

MillionAgents is one of the leading players in the market of field research.

We appeared in 2012, with the support of the National Computer Corporation.

Today, our company provides services in the field of marketing research, collection and processing of field data, and management of mass staff.

Our main clients are the largest retail and FMCG companies, financial corporations, and small and medium-sized enterprises from various sectors of the economy.

MillionAgents provides corporate customers with a whole new approach to the collection and processing of data about products, services and brick-and-mortar stores.

While providing a variety of services in the field of marketing research, we rely on our in-house technological developments and unique management expertise.

Our information technology system for the large field data collecting and processing is used at all the stages of the field research.

Primary collection is performed by agents with the help of MillionAgents mobile app that enables to upload data of any kind.

Processing of the data collected during a field research is fully automatically controlled, and the system is characterized by high efficiency and fault tolerance that precludes any distortion of the data.

Moreover, we are one of the few companies which offer services for conducting field research to small and medium-size enterprises at prices affordable for these kinds of business.

Regardless of the size, our clients get reliable information about the real prices in the market, their competitive positions and the quality of their business processes.

Our Clients